The following introduces the concept of the coordinates class and the coorindate systems that are available in pyfar.

Coordinates Class

Different coordinate systems are frequently used in acoustics research and handling sampling points and different systems can be cumbersome. The Coordinates class was designed with this in mind. It can convert between coordinate systems and rotate, query and plot coordinates points. Functions for converting coordinates not stored in a Coordinates object are available for convenience. However, it is strongly recommended to use the Coordinates class for all conversions.

Coordinate Systems

Coordinate systems are defined by their domain (e.g. 'spherical'), convention (e.g. 'top_elev'), and unit (e.g. 'deg'). The available coordinate systems are shown in the image below

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The unit for length is always meter, while the unit for angles can be radians and degrees.

A complete list of coordinate systems can also by obtained by

>>> coords = Coordinates()  # get an empty instance of the class
>>>        # list all systems


A plethora of sampling schemes to generate coordinate objects is contained in samplings.